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    Newsletter April 2024
04 April 2024
Table of contents

SENSE highlights


EVENT:  Reinventing the City Conference, where we will explore sustainable urban transformations on a metropolitan scale 23-25 April 2024, Amsterdam

COURSE: Grounding carbon farming: This is an all-included, immersive course where fundamental issues around carbon sequestration in agricultural lands are treated from different perspectives, including that of farmers. The course takes place on site in France from 14-20 September 2024

Welcome to this SENSE newsletter. We recently organised the SENSE A1 course again, it was a great edition with enthusiastic participants from different institutes and from all over the world. The participants have learned with and from each other, and a lot of new friendships and networks were formed. We want to warmly welcome all participants to the SENSE network.  

As usual we feature lots of interesting courses and events in the newsletters offered by our different SENSE institutes. We hope you get a lot of inspiration from this newsletter.

Anouk de Plaa, Member of SENSE Education and Training Team 

 Upcoming courses and discussion groups

Speciation and Bioavailability of Metals, Organics and Nanoparticles | 17-21 June Antwerp

This course focuses on the speciation and bioavailability of metal complex species, organic compounds and nanoparticles in aqueous environments. For more information see here.

NCK Summer School: Estuarine and Coastal Processes in relation to Coastal Zone Management| 17-28 June Texel

The bi-annual summer school of the Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK) has the objective to provide young engineers and scientists, specializing in coastal and estuarine processes with a common background in knowledge, tools and skills.
The NCK Summer School covers a range of physical and ecological topics in the coastal area. As a central theme, it links these topics to the Dutch Wadden Sea area and its surroundings, i.e. including the barrier islands and the North Sea.
For more information see here

Python programming for PhD’s | 1-3 July & 8-9 July 2024 Wageningen
Programming can serve multiple purposes. Purposes like developing applications and working with data are also very useful for research. For dealing with these issues, Python offers many libraries. Getting the skills of working with some of these libraries will enable future learning.
For more information and registration go here.

Gender in Society | 8-12 July 2024 Amsterdam
This summer school aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the connection between gender and society. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to explore various trends and theoretical perspectives, applied to significant societal challenges. Specifically, we will address economic and sociological issues, such as the wage gap between genders and the underrepresentation of women in various domains. Our focus will be on analyzing the root causes of these issues and examining potential government interventions. 
For more information and registration go here.

Climate Change | 26-30 August 2024 Amsterdam
This course is about one of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change. What are the latest insights of the science of economics into its causes and potential solutions? How large are the costs of climate change? Should we tax carbon, cap-and-trade emission rights, or subsidize solar and wind power? Why is it so difficult to stick to environmental agreements such as ‘Paris’, despite the evident benefits to all? How can we prevent our industry from moving abroad if we take a leading role and ‘go it alone’ in taking environmental action? What is the role of economic growth and development? Should we stop it to avert a climate catastrophe and biodiversity loss, or can we pin our hopes on green growth?
For more information and registration go here.

 Highlight of later courses

Soil Biology Lab Skills Course for Assessing Soil Functions | 2-6 September
The Soil Biology Group of Wageningen University is organising a laboratory skills course to define which measurements of soil biology are relevant for which soil functions. This course will provide the participants with an overview of a range of methods related to the five soil functions and will provide detailed practical training in a subset of measures. The training will be a combination of lectures, laboratory and field sessions (interactive lectures and practical sessions each day). For more information and registration see here

Pre-announcement: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Environmental Sciences  | 9-13 September
This course explores state-of-the-art principles, methods, and techniques related to data science and artificial intelligence applications in relation to the Environmental Sciences’ major topics. The registration will open soon.

 Grounding carbon farming  | 14-20 September 2024 On site on a farm in France

In this one-week course, we go onsite on a dairy farm where many recommended carbon sequestration practices are implemented. We talk to soil and social scientists, legislators, carbon certifiers. Using a transdisciplinary and immersive approach, we seek to see, to witness, experience, and truly understand: What is carbon farming?

For more information and registration see here.

In case you are interested in either participating or teaching a course that is currently not in the programme, please do not hesitate and contact us with your suggestions.
More upcoming courses ››

Upcoming Events
Competences for Transition- EWUU alliance + CUCo 24 April 2024
Transitions are messy. Embracing the uncertain and sometimes chaotic nature of transitions, we discover the importance of developing new skills and competences. In this track, CUCo and the EWUU alliance Education Programme invite you on an experiential journey. Let’s explore together how to learn, enhance, and apply future competences in our daily work.

This track is part of the annual EWUU alliance conference 2024. This years’ theme is ‘Navigation Transitions’. Please find the full programme here.

Reinventing the city; Scientific Conference AMS Institute 23-25 April 2024
Join us for the Reinventing the City conference, where we will explore sustainable urban transformations on a metropolitan scale. Scientists, policymakers, students, and industry partners will come together to share insights, inspire action, and shape the future of our cities

Economy for the Common Good International Conference | June 3-5 2024
Wetsus, Hanzehogeschool, NHL Stenden, and the  Economy for the Common Good organize the third edition of the international conference series titled “Converging Sustainable Economic Models. Advancing just and sustainable Regions.”

The growing international movement for the Economy for the Common Good is working on the levels of science, policy and practice. Its scientific community has organized two conferences in 2019 in Bremen (Germany) and in 2022 in Valencia (Spain). The third international conference will be hosted by diverse regional actors from the North of The Netherlands and will take place in Leeuwarden, Fryslan, The Netherlands, on 3, 4 and 5 June 2024.

8th IWA Young Water Professionals BeNeLux Conference 8-10 July 2024 Antwerp, Belgium
For more information and registration see here.

WCSG Conference 2024 Governing sustainability transformations 16-17 Oktober 2024

Transformation of society and sustainability governance requires significant reordering: one that changes existing drivers and structures to drive change towards fundamentally novel systems. During the conference we focus on thecentral question, can sustainability transformation be governed? And if so by
whom, what and how?
For more information, go here.

Upcoming PhD graduations
Overview of PhD graduations April 2024

  • Mr. Mulele Nabuyanda
    Investigating Cobalt, Copper, and Lead in Sediments, Phragmites Mauritianus and Typha spp. from three Zambian Wetlands
    5 April 2024, IHE Delft, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
  • Ms. Gaby Kissinger
    Seeing the forest but missing the problem: National policy responses to drivers of deforestation and forest degradation
    9 April 2024, Wageningen University
  • Ms. Rita Henriques Rebola Branco
    Exploring micropollutant biodegradation for improved groundwater quality
    10 April 2024, Wageningen University
  • Ms. Yue Sun
    Methane and sulfite mitigation in sewers through bioelectrochemical systems  
    19 April 2024, Wageningen University
  • Mr Sjoerd Barten
    Multi-scale model analyses of Artic surface-atmosphere exchange of climate-active trace gases
    25 April 2024, Wageningen University
  • Ms. Sida Liu
    Multi-modelling of the managed aquifer recharge systems for sustainable groundwater development in Beijing Plain, China
    25 April, 2024, IHE Delft, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

More upcoming graduations ››



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