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Hello Kevin,

This is the COOPERATE newsletter with the latest information about the COOPERATE project, which during the next months (2022-2024) will define and pilot the ERA Hubs, one of the ERA policy actions defined by the Council of the European Union for the next years. Building on the vision and success stories developed within the EuroTech Universities Alliance and their R&I ecosystems, the COOPERATE partners will contribute to the future development of the ERA Hubs as a key European flagship to promote R&I ecosystems.

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In our ongoing commitment to fostering a cohesive and productive research landscape, COOPERATE is focused on aligning research practices and sharing of best practices across member states. Our ultimate goal is to craft a seamless and efficient research environment within the ERA Hubs network. To support ecosystem players such as educational institutions, local industries, policymakers, and other stakeholders, the COOPERATE consortium has meticulously developed the so-called ‘Playbook’.
Seven Lines of Action

The overarching aim of this Playbook is to provide a framework for nurturing dynamic ecosystems that stimulate research excellence, attract, and retain top talent, facilitate knowledge transfer, foster collaboration among diverse actors, secure adequate funding, establish effective governance structures, and foster a culture of innovation.
The Playbook is designed with a clear roadmap, providing recommendations for the development of thriving ecosystems within seven fundamental lines of action:

  1. Research
  2. Talent
  3. Knowledge Transfer
  4. Funding
  5. Collaboration
  6. Governance
  7. Innovation

Additionally, within each line of action, we have highlighted concrete ‘Tools’ to empower stakeholders in effectively developing their ecosystems.

In the upcoming newsletters, we're excited to delve into each line of action, offering a deep dive into the insights and showcasing examples of tools that can be employed by ecosystems to implement the ERA Hub framework model. Our next edition in December will spotlight the first line of action, 'Research.' Stay tuned as we unveil the potential and possibilities within each facet of this transformative Playbook, aiming to reshape and elevate the future of research within the ERA Hubs network.

Upcoming events and co-creation sessions

In the next coming months a series of events, gatherings and other happenings will take place that are related to the COOPERATE project and the ERA-hub concept. Below they are summarized:

  • UNLimited 2023 – 28-29 September, Den Bosch, Netherlands. UNLimited is an annual gathering about transcending bounderies for everyone who works at, with and for universities. Universities will show how they work continuously towards better education, excellent research and an even bigger impact on their region. On Friday, September 29th, representatives from TU/e and Brainport, Prof. Marcel Bogers, Dr. Ntorina Antoni, and Rick Eurlings, will be delivering a lecture on Open Innovation Ecosystems: The role of ERA Hubs for knowledge production.

  • 'Universities as Drivers of Innovation in European Regional Ecosystems'  11 October, Brussels, Belgium. During the European Week of Regions and Cities is the session 'Universities as Drivers of Innovation in European Regional Ecosystems' one to take in particular in mind. This session explores the role of universities as drivers of change in European Innovation Ecosystems, with a particular focus on mid-size regional and urban areas. By adopting a multi-disciplinary, challenge-based, educational approach and a multiple helix model of innovation, universities can contribute to the development of a polycentric and networked model of innovation, connecting urban and rural areas and helping municipalities to adopt innovative solutions.

  • Co-Creation Session on Governance during the 10th annual World Open Innovation Conference - November 9-10, Bilbao, Spain. Join us on November 10, 2023, for an engaging co-creation session focusing on governance as part of the COOPERATE project. This session is set to take place in Bilbao, Spain, coinciding with the World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC), offering a dedicated exploration into the governance of ERA Hubs as place-based ecosystems.

    The WOIC brings theory and practice closer together. It seeks the latest in academic research on open innovation combined with challenges faced by industry executives who manage open innovation in their organizations. In addition, the WOIC aims at engaging policy makers to better understand the opportunities and challenges associated with designing effective open innovation policy measures.

    Keep an eye on our COOPERATE LinkedIn page or check for more information on participation and registration in the upcoming weeks.

    Event Highlights:
    • Get an in-depth understanding of the COOPERATE project, contextualizing its relevance within the policy landscape concerning governance.
    • Explore the outcomes and insights garnered from previous co-creation sessions, laying the groundwork for discussions on governance aspects.
    • Learn from regional stakeholders as they present examples of models for effectively coordinating research activities and establishing connections within their local ecosystems.
    • Engage in a lively and interactive discussion concerning the fundamental building blocks of a functional ERA-hub governance model as a place-based ecosystem.

  • Co-Creation Session on Policy during Eurotech Innovation Day – 16 November, Lyngby, Denmark. Join us on November 16, for a dynamic co-creation session on policy as part of the COOPERATE project. This session will be hosted in Lyngby, Denmark, coinciding with the Eurotech Innovation Day. The session will span 1 hour, offering a focused exploration into the policy aspects of ERA Hubs as place-based ecosystems.

    Event Highlights:
    • Get an in-depth understanding of the COOPERATE project, including insights into the Co-Design Task Force (CDTF) and its vital role in shaping policy perspectives.
    • Discover the outcomes and key takeaways from previous co-creation sessions, providing a valuable foundation for discussions on policy aspects.
    • Delve into a presentation focused on situating ERA Hubs within the broader European Union policy landscape, emphasizing their role as place-based ecosystems.
    • Gain insights into Eurotech's activities and their relevance in the context of ERA Hubs, establishing connections between their initiatives and the ERA Hubs concept.
    • Engage in an interactive discussion regarding the policy aspects of ERA Hubs as place-based ecosystems, emphasizing the concrete needs of practitioners to shape the future of ERA Hubs.

    This event is an excellent opportunity for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders to collaborate and contribute towards shaping the policy landscape for ERA Hubs, driving innovation and progress in the European regional ecosystems. Be part of this crucial conversation on the future of place-based ecosystems in Europe!

    Keep an eye on our COOPERATE LinkedIn page or check for more information on participation and registration in the upcoming weeks.

COOPERATE is funded by the European Commission H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement 101095017 and call identifier HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ERA-01-30.

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