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 Land-at-scale Newsletter Q3 2021 - October 2021 Online Version
Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
Dear colleagues,

October 16th marks World Food Day. Over the entire month, RVO communication channels will be dedicated to stories and experiences related to food security. Of course, LAND-at-scale’s contribution focuses on the importance of secure land tenure for food systems across the world. The linkages between land governance and food security are highlighted through country examples in Uganda, Mozambique and Rwanda. Be sure to follow our LinkedIn channel and the RVO website for these stories.

As we announced in our previous newsletter, over the summer LAND-at-scale launched several country projects. Projects in Rwanda and Uganda have officially kicked off and you can read more about these projects through the links below. Other projects that have started are Chad and Mali, of which we will share more information soon.

If you have any questions or remarks about LAND-at-scale, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through landatscale@rvo.nl.

Warm regards,

The LAND-at-scale team
Featured news
A virtual toast to the start of a new LAND-at-scale project in Uganda
Together with the Global Land Tool Network and the Dutch Embassy in Kampala, LAND-at-scale is very pleased to announce the start of "Scaling up community-based land registration and land use planning on customary land in Uganda". The collaboration was made official at a virtual signing ceremony on September 9th.
Read more about the project here    
Announcing the LAND-at-scale project in Rwanda
Together with the Rwanda Land Management & Use Authority, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kigali, Kadaster and IDLO - International Development Law Organization, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) started the LAND-at-scale project in Rwanda: "Towards a fair and robust land management and governance system connecting people for sustainable livelihoods in Rwanda". The project builds on a rich history of land rights improvements in the country.
Read more about LAND-at-scale’s plans in Rwanda here
LAND-at-scale in the news in Chad
The LAND-at-scale project in Chad was featured in the national news when Kadaster International visited N'Djamena as a part of the start up of the LAND-at-scale project. Together with the embassy representatives, Kadaster met with relevant ministries to plan the LAND-at-scale activities. Kadaster International will implement the LAND-at-scale project in Chad together with Oxfam. Be sure to follow LAND-at-scale communication channels for more details on this project soon.
View the news segment here
Programme highlight
LAND-at-scale at the Food Systems Summit
Together with Land Portal, the European Commission, GIZ, Welthungerhilfe, the International Land Coalition and LANDac, LAND-at-scale organized a high-level dialogue as a part of the Food Systems Pre-Summit: “Secure Land Rights: The Key To Sustainable Food Systems”. The aim of the discussion was to reach a concrete set of resolutions from a diverse range of stakeholders that will feed into the Food Systems Summit.
Read more about the discussions or watch the recording of the webinar here
A collaborative approach to achieving food security: how LAND-at-scale adds value to embassy strategies
Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are important partners for LAND-at-scale. Ideas funded through LAND-at-scale were submitted by embassies and the development of these ideas into projects was done in close collaboration with the embassies in the specific countries. LAND-at-scale often contributes to the implementation of broader embassy strategies in the specific countries. In Uganda, for example, LAND-at-scale adds a land governance-component to the embassy’s food security strategy.
Read more about LAND-at-scale’s collaboration with the embassy in Uganda here
Tools & Publications
LAND-at-scale Uganda one-pager
The LAND-at-scale Uganda project officially kicked off last month. Have a look at the project one-pager to learn more about the scope and intervention strategies for the project, as well as to learn more about who is implementing the project.
View the one-pager here
LAND-at-scale Rwanda one-pager
The LAND-at-scale project in Rwanda started in August. The project one-pager provides more information about the scope and intervention strategies for the project, as well as who is implementing the project.
View the one-pager here
Events and opportunities
Event: Second International Youth Land Governance Conference
Dates: 13-16 October 2021
Location: Benin
Official website
Event: Global Land Forum 2022
Dates: 26-31 March 2022
Location: Amman, Jordan
Official website
Enterprise Agency
Prinses Beatrixlaan 2
2595 AL The Hague
The Netherlands
Netherlands Enterprise Agency
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