November 2022
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Project progress highlights and upcoming milestones 
Latest industry updates  
From the Project Coordinators' desk  
Upcoming events

AFSP Monthly WS Meetings 
WS1: Calculation methods
Week  49/50 (date TBA)
WS2: Waste management
Week  49/50 (date TBA)
WS3: Advocacy 
Week 48 (date TBA)
Afera Technical Seminar
17-19 April 2023 
Marriot Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
Afera 66th Annual Conference 
4-6 October 2023
The Westin, Dragonara Resort, Malta
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ISSUE 6, 4 november 2022
Hello and welcome to the special sustainability edition with the Q3 updates from AFSP.
Project progress highlights

Following the completion of AFSP's first year, all three workstreams have gathered a lot of insights on key topics like Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), Release Liner Recycling, and EU Policy Impacts (single-use plastics directive, ecodesign for sustainable product regulation, microplastics restriction, and more). To further support the tape industry’s ongoing sustainability transition, the project participants are also developing guidance documents (release liner recycling position, sustainable use of tapes in packaging applications, ISCC PLUS certification, and more).  

Let’s dive deeper into the progress updates from each of the workstreams:  


WS1 – Calculation Methods

The initial response to the survey requesting commitment from Afera members for the development of harmonised PCF calculation methods has been positive. A majority of the Afera members support harmonisation and further discussions to agree on the scope and financial details are in the works. While PCF is the main focus at present, a similar survey to evaluate interest in developing Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for tapes is also in the pipeline. 

WS1 participants are in agreement to bring onboard a specialized LCA consultant, having recognized the complexity surrounding PCF calculations (type of data needed, current gaps in data availability, defining LCA assumptions, etc.). A review of the potential consultancies, including those recommended by Stellarix is currently ongoing.     

It was agreed that while existing PCF databases contain a lot of relevant information, they may not be exhaustive to accurately compute PCF for (some) adhesive tapes, so they may need to be complemented by supplier-specific data or assumptions. Some guidelines are available to compute PCF of chemicals used raw materials (e.g., SCOTT by BASF), that could be used as a starting point to set the quality of the data used in calculations. 

In the meantime, WS1 will focus on creating an inventory of the tape manufacturing process landscape and agreeing on the system boundaries (e.g., waste, logistics, etc.). 


WS2 – Waste Management

WS2 is currently analysing the initial responses to the open survey  targeting all tape liner waste holders: tape manufacturers, converters and tape users. While we've received a lot of responses from tape manufacturers, we look forward to receiving inputs also from converters and tape users. Your input and promotion of the survey within your network is very welcome! Linkedin post 

Two main challenges were identified during the last workstream meeting: 

  • The release liner waste at tape manufacturers will always be contaminated with tape residues, making it difficult to recycle. 
  • The release liner is separated by tape converters and tape users and while this enables the possibility of having relatively purer waste stream, the logistics related to collecting and sorting pose a big challenge. 

To make recycling of release liner more feasible, Afera and CELAB will be working closely. The steering committees will meet this month to discuss the collaboration further.       

WS2 will also soon finalise the position paper on colour harmonisation of release liners and start exchanging ideas on the topic of the recycling of tape and surface protection waste in the last quarter of the year.   


WS3 – Advocacy

WS3 participants held an in-depth discussion following the publication of European Commission’s draft proposal to restrict microplastics. Based on preliminary analysis, it is understood that the restrictions will not apply specifically to adhesives and coatings but to articles or mixtures containing synthetic polymer microparticles that will be under the scanner. Further analysis to understand the impact on tapes and notification requirements is ongoing. 

Having reviewed the new draft legal texts of the Sustainable Products Regulation (SPR), WS3 has found that as of now, no specific delegated act for Adhesives or Adhesive Tapes is expected. There could be some eco-design requirements on materials going into specific market applications under review like packaging (as part of updated Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive), which might impact Tapes. The legislative process is ongoing, and more concrete information should be available before the end of the year.    

WS3 is also looking into the impact of the updated Construction Product Regulation (CPR) and the UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) on tapes. A document is being prepared to help tape manufacturers and buyers understand more about the products that are liable for the tax, exemption criteria, and how the tax is calculated specifically for tapes.   

Also, under development at the moment are documents containing (1) guidelines for ISCC PLUS certification for tapes (2) guidelines for the sustainable use of tapes in packaging applications, which will include guidance on eco-design of tapes, the 9 “R”s (reduce, reuse, repair, recycle etc.) for circularity the impact of recyclability on the choice of tapes, and more. 

Upcoming milestones
WS Project Milestones - 2022  Timelime 
WS1 Get external consultant onboard  Q4 2022
WS1 Create an inventory of the tape manufacturing process landscape     Q4 2022
WS1 Finalise inventory of energy consumption data for manufacturing processes   Q1 2023 
WS1               Formalise calculation method of carbon footprint data for all adhesives tapes   Q2 2023
WS1 Make a sector-wide tool for the adhesive tapes industry available      Q3 2023
WS2  Define Afera strategy for release liner recycling     Q4 2022
WS2 Prepare database of collectors and recyclers of release liners and tape waste  Q4 2022
WS2 Gather data on release liner waste generation, collection and recycling from tape manufacturers, converters, and users    Q4 2022
WS3 Release guidelines for ISCC PLUS certification for tapes  Q4 2022
WS3              Release guidelines for sustainable use of tapes for packaging applications  Q4 2022
WS3 Release position paper on impact of the UK PPT for tape industry  Q4 2022
Latest industry updates 
1. European Commission publishes its draft proposal to restrict microplastics 
Nearly 5 years in the making, the European Commission has finally published its draft proposal to restrict microplastics. It is under discussion and has to be agreed by the different co-legislators and has been submitted to World Trade Organizations for feedback from outside EU. More details available here 

2. Afera Releases New Position Paper: Impact of SUPD on Tapes 
Afera has released a new position paper on the Status of Adhesive Tapes under the Single-use Plastic Directive (SUPD) as part of the work undertaken by the Advocacy Workstream of Afera’s Flagship Sustainability Project (AFSP). The goal is to offer background information and guidance to Afera members to support them in their communications with customers…read more   
From the Project Coordinators' Desk

After 1 year of getting started, the AFSP is actively shaping the future of sustainability in the adhesive tape industry. At Afera's Annual Conference in Valencia we reflected on the achievements of this first year and set goals for what we aim to achieve in the AFSP workstreams in the next year.

If you would also like to participate in the AFSP Workstreams, please register your interest with us.

For any further questions, contact us at:  




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