Extended Deadline for the Summer School
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19 5 2022
Summer School: Contested Heritage and the Role of Provenance Research - Update & 2022 Deadline Extension
This year, our Summer School, which takes place from 29 August to 1 September, will focus on contested cultural objects and the role of provenance research (ownership history). What are the standards for heritage protection and ownership of cultural objects that were (or might have been) looted, recently or in the past?
In an interdisciplinary setting, with scholars and professionals from the fields of law, heritage, law enforcement and the art market, we will look at the standards and mechanisms that are in place to prevent cultural objects from being acquired, and/or traded unlawfully.  The programme is curated by our experts Dr. Evelien Campfens (Leiden University) and Dr. Naomi Oosterman (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
The deadline to enroll has been extended to Wednesday 15 June 2022. You can register by clicking on this link. 
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Student Hub - Atlantikwall
Part of our heritage has a troubled or dualistic character. This can also be said about the Atlantikwall. This defensive line was constructed by Nazi-Germany during the Second World War and stretched from Norway to Spain, passing right through the cities of The Hague and Scheveningen situated on the Dutch coast. Within the city and in the memories of its inhabitants, the traces of this line can still be experienced. Public opinion about what to do with (parts of) the Atlantikwall is divided. 
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Student Report on the Documentary 'The Treasures of Crimea' 
On April 10 2022, the documentary ‘The Treasures of Crimea’ (Zonnebloemen in zwaar weer: De Schatten van de Krim) directed by Oeke Hoogendijk was screened at De Balie in Amsterdam. Our student reporter Anna de Wit wrote an article on this. Since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the objects from the travelling exhibition ‘De Krim – Gold and Secrets of the Black Sea’ are hidden away in the basement of the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. 
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Lorentz-Centre Workshop on New Techniques to Study Ancient Texts 
From 14 to 18 March 2022, the Centre for Global Heritage and Development co-organised a Lorentz-Centre workshop with Hubert Mara (University Halle-Wittenberg), Dominique Ngan-Tillard (Technical University Delft), Dirk Roorda (HUC KNAW), and Caroline Waerzeggers (Leiden University). The workshop proceeded in a hybrid format and hosted participants from the UK, USA, Iraq, Japan, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Scientific domains represented include Computer Science, Archaeology, Assyriology, Engineering, Digital Humanities, Data Science and Museum and Heritage Studies.
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Free Online Introduction to Heritage Impact Assessment
In our dynamic world, heritage is prone to many risks. Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) is a tool to balance heritage protection with spatial and policy development rather than simply to protect heritage from development. The Centre for Global Heritage and Development offers this short online course, developed by Ayesha Pamela Rogers, Rients de Boer and Mara de Groot, to anyone interested, with the idea to promote this sustainable heritage management tool for a wide audience. 
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Shared Heritage Brazil-Netherlands at Risk
The project 'The forgotten Holanda village: 1858-2022. A digital twin to bridge the shared heritage between Brazil and the Netherlands - 3D reconstruction, city gaming and virtual museum as tools for digital inclusivity and accessibility' received funding by the Cultural Heritage Brazil fund from the Netherlands Embassy in Brazil.
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Wanted: Student Reporters
Are you a student from Leiden, Delft or Rotterdam? Are you fond of heritage? Can you write well and do you have social media skills? The Centre for Global Heritage and Development is always looking for student reporters who would like to attend one or more of our yearly conferences and symposiums and write a report for our website and post on social media. The work is done on call in accordance with your schedule and involves not more than a couple days work per year. You will receive a small allowance and reimbursement of your expenses. 
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Meet Our New Communications Officer
At the beginning of May, Ms. Elena Fazio joined the Centre of Global Heritage and Development as its new Communications Officer. In this role, Elena will be responsible for the internal and external communication on research, education and on the projects of the LDE, an integrating part of the larger Leiden-Delft-Erasmus network.
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Upcoming Events
Opening Photo Exhibition 'Crafting Cultures'
Opening of the Leiden Global photo exhibition 'Crafting Cultures' at the Faculty of Archaeology on Tuesday 31 May 2022 from 16:00. The exhibition will remain for five weeks.
For more information check Leiden Global website. 
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ESOF - Session 'What Can be the Role of Heritage for Society'
Within the framework of ESOF, the Centre for Global Heritage and Development organizes the session: 'What Can be the Role of Heritage for Society' within the session theme: 'Cultural Identities and Societal Transformations' on Saturday 16 July at 14:00 in The Pieterskerk, Leiden.
For more information and registration check the ESOF website
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Summer School: Art Markets: An Integrated Perspective
Participants with an academic or professional interest in the mechanics of the art market will join European and American specialists in art history, economics, sociology, finance, and digital humanities. Together, they will present, share, workshop and discuss theoretical approaches, conceptual frameworks and methodological tools in an informal setting. This immersive experience will inspire and shape new interdisciplinary thinking about the emergence, history and governance of art markets around the world.
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