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28 4 2021

"Our monuments are not renewable"
Climate change, specially drought, acutely threatens Dutch heritage. Time to create a national policy to protect it, says Sandra Fatorić in her interview with NRC
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Restitution of the Benin Bronzes "inevitable"
Reacting to the German restitution of the bronzes to Nigeria, Pieter ter Keurs argues in De Volkskrant their restitution is inevitable "as they were so evidently acquired through violence".
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LDE Heritage Conference Proceedings
The International LDE Heritage conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development Goals, which took place from 26 to 28 November 2019 at TU Delft in the Netherlands, examined the theories, methodologies, and practices of heritage and SDGs. The proceedings are free to download.
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A Word from our Researchers

Mapping Heritage and Setting Standards: a word with Roderik Lindenbergh
Mapping heritage is a timeless effort, the techniques however are ever evolving. Roderik Lindenbergh is in the middle of that evolution, improving today's methods by letting himself be challanged by the past.
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Discovering the History of Dutch Green Avenues: an Interview with Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip
There are few things more iconic to the Dutch landscape than its tree avenues. However, they were not only planted to be pretty, they reflect the local needs of its inhabitants says Gerdy Verschuure-Stuip.
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Student Hub: Heritage & Design Workshop 2021 in Ede
Human Remains in Museum Collections Symposium: Conservation, Ethics and Restitutions
ICAHM Annual Meeting -- Archeological Heritage Management: Towards a People Centered Approach
Cross-border Transfer of Cultural Objects: Law, Challenges and Practice -- Summer School 

Staff News
Meet Ninnet Ongartthaworn our New Communications Intern
Ninnet is a GLOCAL MA student at Erasmus University Rotterdam where she specializes in multilingualism in the city of Tokyo's linguistic landscape. As intern she will be focusing on broadening our image bank and thinking about new communication channels.
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New Student Board Formed
We are happy to announce that a new three-headed board has been formed with LDE students. The board members will focus on student participation, co-organization of events and on giving advice on education themes. Currently they are involved in the organization of the Human Remains in Museum Collections Symposium.
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