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December 2022

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From Leiden’s Winter Wonder Weeks (including Leiden’s very own Advent Calendar) to Leiden2022’s Finale Festival, this final newsletter of 2022 highlights a variety of events and activities for the whole family to discover this winter! We also provide more information on other important practical matters, such as the deadline to switch your health insurance provider this year and what to take into consideration when you are considering downsizing your house.

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Wishing you a merry Christmas from all of us here! 
Expat Centre Leiden Team

Healthcare Insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. With the deadline for switching providers coming up on January 1st, why not learn more in our article about Dutch health insurance. 

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January Meet&Mingle

Celebrate the start of 2023 at our New Year themed Meet & Mingle in Leiden on the 5th January! M&Ms provide the perfect opportunity to socialise and network with other internationals in the Leiden region, and they are always free to take part in!  

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Monitor Internationalisation 2022

Leiden has become increasingly international, and we have recently published a report, together with the municipality of Leiden, that gives insight into the diversity of the region.

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Finding the Perfect Gift

Are you looking for some Dutch themed gift ideas this holiday season? Why not check out our article for inspiration from the Leiden region!  

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Winter in the Leiden region

From celebrating the traditional Dutch Pakjesavond to ice-skating on the Nieuwe Rijn, there is still plenty to do in the Leiden region during the winter!

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      © Hielco Kuipers     
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Indexation of Child and Spousal Support

By RWV Advocaten - Maintenance payments for child and spousal support will be raised in 2023, so don’t forget to ensure that the amounts you pay (or receive) are raised accordingly.   
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What is the Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee? 

By Expat Mortgages - If you’re planning on buying a house in the Netherlands, it’s important to know more about the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).
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The Complications of Downsizing in the Netherlands

By Your Financials - Making the decision to downsize may appear straightforward, but mortgage lender policies can stall house sales for both buyers and sellers.  
       © Dirk van Egmond
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Dutch Integration Policy Fails Partners

By DutchNews - Research indicates that current integration policy may miss the mark for those moving to the Netherlands to be with Dutch partners.

Healthcare in the Netherlands

15th December

Together with Leiden University and Zorgverzekeringslijn, ECL is organising a healthcare insurance information session that will provide answers to all your questions on this topic.

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Winter Wonder Weeks

Until 8th January

The 1st December marks the start of Leiden’s Winter Wonder Weeks. From fun activities and events to Leiden’s very own Advent Calendar, why not discover what festivities the region has to offer? 

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    © Simone Both         

Buzz Business Networking Event

13th December 

This month’s networking event’s guest speaker is Dwayne van der Klugt, who will provide advice on digitalisation strategy plans that you can use for your businesses and projects. 

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Expat Mortgages Consultations

Until 15th December

Looking for answers to all your mortgage related questions? Book a consultation with Fred van Maanen from Expat Mortgages for a one-to-one session tailored to your situation. 

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Christmas Parade & Charles Dickens Choir

17th & 18th December

Come to the centre of Voorschoten, admire the impressive Christmas parade and enjoy the Charles Dickens choir! 

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                                                                                                                                                 © Gemeente Voorschoten       

Leiden European City of Science Finale Festival

22nd December

Join the celebrations for Leiden2022’s Finale Festival, where there will be a Christmas spectacle and the highlights of the past year will be shown! 

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Looking for more?

Don't forget to keep an eye on our events page! We frequently update it with recommendations for what to do as an international in the Leiden region. 

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