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November 2022

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The latest edition of our Expat Newsletter highlights the importance of helping newcomers adjust to life in the Netherlands. From the exciting announcement of the Relocation app launch to our survey on life in the Leiden region, we are ensuring that internationals can settle into their new homes and lives as smoothly as possible. This includes highlighting events in the region that are perfect for the whole family, from the Leiden International Film Festival to the Feel at Home Fair. 

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Expat Centre Leiden Team

Welcome To NL Relocation App Launch

Designed to help newcomers to the Netherlands, this app provides helpful information and checklists for every practical step you need to take to start your life here. 

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Life in the Leiden Region Survey

Why did you decide to come to the Leiden region, and how satisfied are you with your choice to stay here? Take part in our 8-10 minute survey so that we can learn more about how to help you settle into your life here. By participating, you have the option of being entered into a random prize draw.

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December Meet&Mingle

Join us in Oegstgeest for a Sinterklaas-themed Meet & Mingle on 1st December. M&Ms provide the perfect opportunity to socialise with other internationals in the region. There will be drinks, snack and games! 

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Sinterklaas's Arrival

Every year in November, Sinterklaas’s arrival in the Netherlands is marked by large crowds. Why not see if you can spot Sinterklaas on his journey (and bag a few pepernoten too). 

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Energy Saving Tips

If you are looking to save some money on your energy bills this winter, then there are several tips and tricks that can help lower those costs.  

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Join LBSP's 'Access to' Communities Events

By Leiden Bio Science Park - LBSP’s ‘Access to’ Communities bring together entrepreneurs, employees, researchers, students, and experts.  
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Leiden City World Walks: Traces of Indonesia in Leiden 

By Leiden Global - Leiden Global is organising themed guided walking tours, giving you the opportunity to explore the rich history of Leiden on foot.  
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2023 Changes to Mortgages

By Hypotheek Visie - In 2023 there will be some changes concerning mortgages, including transfer tax rates and NHG government fund protection rates.   
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How to Deal with a Mild Recession

By Your Financials - ING’s Chief Economist Marieke Blom said this week that we have entered a mild recession. Your Financials provides some insight and advice on how to proceed through this. 
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The Work Council's Right of Advice

By De Clercq Advocaten - If a company employs more than 50 people, then the employer must establish a Works Council (WC). De Clercq Advocaten explains what you need to know about WC in the workplace. 

Leiden International Film Festival

3rd - 13th November

Leiden International Film Festival is back for its 17th edition! It will feature 100 films from all corners of the world, with genres ranging from arthouse to mainstream, and more. 

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Webster Leiden Political Café: Georgia and the Current Euro-Atlantic integration

3rd November

The Webster Leiden Campus International Relations Department is delighted to welcome H. E. David Solomonia, the Ambassador of Georgia, to their first Political Café!

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Feel at Home Fair

6th November

ECL will have a stand at the Hague’s Feel at Home Fair. The fair gives internationals the opportunity to network with one another and learn about the different cultural and community activities available in the region.  

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Buzz Business Networking Event

15th November 

Buzz Business Networking’s November event takes place at VVV Leiden. Rianne Verheijen from Online Tigers will be the guest speaker, offering advice on SEO and data analytics for your website. 

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Pilgrim's Route

20th November

Het Gilde Leiden is organising a Thanksgiving themed guided walking tour which will take participants through the city of Leiden from De Burcht to the Pilgrim's Monument. 

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Looking for more?

Don't forget to keep an eye on our events page! We frequently update it with recommendations for what to do as an international in the Leiden region. 

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