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June 2022

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A new edition of the Expat Newsletter is out! In this edition, you can read about the launch of our new website, how to make your new business stand out, and learn to find 3 minutes of quiet to calm down, reconnect with yourself, and pause.

Read more about events in the region like the Circus di Strada for kids and a workshop about making your CV stand out!

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Expat Center Leiden's new website is now live!

Expat Center Leiden's new website is live. Its now sleeker than ever and easy to naviagate. Check it out and find essential information for anyone workin and living in the Leiden region.

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Innovation Quarter's Job Portal is live now!

In collaboration with Innovation quarter, Expat Centre Leiden has contributed expertise on the Leiden region to a new initiative. This online platform shows all vacancies at innovative companies and organizations in the South - Holland for international talent at home and abroad.

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Ukraine conflict help

Want to find out how you can help in your area? Or looking for support for arriving Ukrainians, including how to register for a BSN? Or interested in an event about how Ukrainians can find jobs in the area? Take a look here. 

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Relocations – three months or more?

By ACCESS  - We are often asked how long a relocation takes? In our opinion, three or so months is the bare minimum part of a relocation, dealing with the paperwork. Find out more about many aspects of one's life, delaying relocation
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What makes your business stand out? Find out why one size does not fit all businesses

By Blue Ninja  - Whenever business promotion is mentioned, businesses often get told to be unique and show your true self. You'll often hear “Share your Why”. Find out more here. 
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3 Minutes, That's All It Takes 

By Rooted in Calm  - Self-care does not just mean that glass of red after a long day or that stress destroying gym session. So let me give you five things you can do in three minutes to calm down, reconnect with yourself, and pause.
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Visitors in Leiden must park in parking garages as of 13 June

By Municipality Leiden  -From next month, visitors in the city center of Leiden will no longer have to look for a parking space. From 13 June, almost all of them will be reserved for permit holders. Find out more here.

July Meet & Mingle 

July 7th

Join Expat Center Leiden for the next Meet & Mingle in July! The event will take place at Restaurant Hudson in Voorschoten. The event is free and some drinks and snacks will be provided. You need to register to reserve your spot as space is limited.

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Consultation by Expat Mortgages 

June 16th and June 30th 

Have you been thinking of buying a property instead of renting? Wondering if you are eligible and what will be your monthly costs?
Fred van Maanen from Expat Mortgages will gladly answer all your mortgage related questions.

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Workshop: Make your CV stand out. 

June 18th

Do you want to substantially increase your chances to get invited for a job interview and land the job you like? Join this workshop to learn to make your resume stand out

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Circo di Strada

June 18th

Come visit the street circus in Voorschoten! 8 circus performers juggle, dance and move on large balls. A colourful, musical but certainly beautiful spectacle for all ages. 

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Interested in reskilling to IT?

June 20th

Techgrounds is organizing Pathways English, a special English-spoken IT orientation training starting June 20, for all people who are curious if and how IT is a match for them. This pathways training is for everyone with or without an IT background.

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Webster Leiden Dragonboat Race Celebration

June 25th

Join the Webster Leiden Dragonboat Team or come and cheer us on! All registrations includes: food and drinks plus a Webster Alumni Dragonboat Race T-shirt.

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Looking for more?

Keep an eye on our events and activities agenda! We frequently provide tips and recommendations for things to do around the Leiden region. 

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